Eskimo Cold Storage began actively receiving and blasting product on April 2, 2007.  Eskimo evolved from the love of warehousing of Steve Williams and Karen Reece.  Steve and Karen have worked together for 30 years +/- and have always proved to be a successful team.  Gainesville and the poultry industry have always been good to the Williams' and Reece's, therefore; giving back to the industry only seems natural.  Steve and Karen are dedicated to serving the industry in every way either through committees on poultry organizations or by giving the best possible service and services.  Not only is the poultry industry near and dear to them but also anything edible that may be frozen.  They strive to give any and all customers great service whether the customer is big or small.  

Steve and Karen's experience of the past few decades have earned them the respect of many other warehouses and of their customers who they strive to please every day.  The construction and building phase of Eskimo Cold Storage was a labor of love for Steve and Karen and continues to be their pride and joy each day.  

Spring 2014 saw the completion of our phase Two.   We now offer four convertible rooms for storage of ice cream, fresh/cooler items and various other cakes and pies, etc.

Steve and Karen along with their two other active partners David Lathem and Jeff Reedy feel they have been blessed and will continue to be blessed to have such a beautiful facility such as Eskimo Cold Storage.


IARW – International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

Georgia Poultry Federation

USAPEEC – USA Poultry and Egg Export Council

Gainesville Chamber of Commerce

NPFDA – National Poultry & Food Distributors Assn.